My name is Ilya Lakhin, and I am an independent software developer from Russia.

I had been working as a web developer for various IT companies and start-ups around the world since 2007. And my professional expertise includes a number of front-end and back-end technologies.

But my interest is not limited to web development only. My other big passion is tools made for other software engineers. Such as programming language compilers, IDEs, and code editors. Now I am working on my own set of programming instruments. My development plan goal is to implement full-featured development environment that will run right on the Web. And I hope it will raise software development to a new level.

On this site I maintain my web logs to highlight my projects, and thoughts on IT and life in Russia.

Feel free to contact me by E-mail / Jabber or by Skype.

  Ilya Lakhin
  Software developer
  Resume: Download PDF
  Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
  Alma mater: NSU

  GitHub: Eliah-Lakhin
  oDesk: Remote contractor
  Twitter: eliah_lakhin
  Google Plus: Google+

  Email: eliah.lakhin@gmail.com
  Skype: eliah.lakhin